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We are a family owned and operated small business.  We personally handle each order to provide the highest level of service.  Your satisfaction is our number one goal.  All of our tags are professionally engraved using diamond drag or rotary technique, designed to last years.

We believe in the ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ motto.  We strive to purchase all our products from small business vendors who subscribe to the same beliefs.   We look forward to providing you the best service possible for many years to come.

Have your pet, medical, GI Military Dog, luggage and other tags professionally engraved using true diamond drag.  We use top quality products to ensure satisfaction.  Unlike other sites, you choose what you want, uppercase, lowercase, standard or bold font, each item is customized and personalized for you.  Each tag is personally laid out to achieve the best look.  There are many shapes, sizes and types to choose from including aluminum, brass or stainless steel.  We do not lower our prices and surprise you during checkout with hidden shipping fees.  Shipping is free with your purchase.  Don’t wait weeks for your tags. Tags are made here in America and processed quickly so you receive them quickly.   Use our Engraving Tips page for help on just what to put on your tags.  We thank you for considering for your engraving needs.

Engraved American made products for Identification, Medical, Medical Card, Wrist Band, GI, Military, Dog, Patriotic, Shoe, Shield, Fire, Specialty, Pet, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Round, Paw, Dog Bone, Heart, Circle, Printed, Gold Plated, Nickel, Swarovski, Crystal, Bling, Glitter, Enamel, Collar, Slide On, Rivet, Horse Tack, Saddle Plates, Halter, Luggage, Can Opener, Bottle Opener, Key Chain, Money Clips, Gifts, Novelties, Silencers, Split Rings, Ball Chains, Satin Necklace, S Hooks, Reflective Safety Dots and more!

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